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      Can’t puzzle maniacs find a puzzle web site and quit clogging up the Graves Disease board?

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        Well EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME!!!!
        It was just a little diversion.
        I won’t do that again for sure.
        this BB is getting just a little too testy for my liking.
        But at least I’M Not afraid to sign my REAL name….
        Sorry everyone I didn’t know puzzles were a no-no.

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          Not a puzzle fan,

          Something tells me you need to read the same post I sent to TimeCrunched on 9/2/97. You just have to get a grip on the mouse and skip the posts that you don’t like. No actually I should just skip the posts that don’t have a name in them. But wait, maybe you are in need of some friendly attention. You might just want to open up a little on this board. What is really bugging you? Do you have Graves Disease? Are you hurting too?

          This might sound wierd to you but I like seeing lots of posts. I like hearing how others are handling their Graves Disease in the stage of it that they are in. I like lots of information because I want to know what to expect (my surprise stage is over) and this I hope will help me to make better decissions about my health care.

          I really like seeing a name with a post (even if I can’t exactly remember the story that goes with the name) this way I have sense of a real person behind the post. Look I don’t want to know what they had for breakfast but I would like to have a clue as to who is sharing! (grin)

          The little puzzle thing gives a little lift to me. Kinda pulls me down to reality. I can’t slove the puzzle but I know others are trying to! :)

          I have looked at other support boards and saw that they are not very active. I am really blessed that people take the time to share their experiences and thoughts on this BB everyday.

          Now I feel better too. Michele

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            Well, the real purpose behind the puzzles was to actually take people’s minds off their troubles and worries and have some fun. Also to bring families together to have shared experiences with their children, significant others and spouses. No harm was intended just a break! Sorry you feel the way you do.
            I do not read every post just ignore these in the future. If there are any other objections let me know and I will share them else where to put smiles on people faces. The BB has been getting real petty on small issues no one is perfect even with the mouse issue. What is the BB coming to.

            the real puzzlemaniac

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              Very well said Puzzlemaniac.
              I really enjoy the puzzles and look forward to
              new ones when you post.
              Thanks, Lynn

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                There is a group of people called Knights and Knaves.
                In this group, Knights always tell the truth, and
                Knaves always lie.
                Everyone is either a Knight or a Knave.

                Now, There are two people, call them A and B
                A says, “at least one of us is a knave.
                What are A and B.

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                  Bravo, Michele!!! Hopefully this post won’t quadruple post since I haven’t gotten my mouse fixed yet…

                  It really sounds to me like someone or someones out there are very intolerant or tend to get VERY irritable when they have PMS. I, for one, agree with Michele. You can pick and choose what posts you want to read. I also like hearing how everyone is doing, I like a joke or puzzle now and then. A support group doesn’t mean it has to be non-stop intellectual banter about the latest medical findings, it can include the general stuff of life dealing with GD: venting about bad experiences with doctors, insomnia, whatever! If it doesn’t suit someone’s fancy, they can pick past the posts they are too busy for without having to be snide or picky at the person who is posting.

                  P.S. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed or posted about my silly extra posts. I was having a bad day, a great lady from my Bible study died and I can’t get to the funeral. I took it a little too personal because it was just one of those days. I hope that I never get too busy in life that I don’t have time for other people, or the time to deal kindly with or ignore the things that irritate me.

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