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      OK class,

      It is said the eye “falls out” when your eyes protrude out of the eye sockets.
      What happens then is the eye lids (Usually upper) gets caught behind the upper
      globe of the eye and actually closes behind it. What this does is force the
      eye out further and downward toward the cheek.

      Great party trick if you can stand it for Halloween. Now the question on how
      to put it back in is very simple. First time I grabbed for the eyelashes and
      gave myself one hell of a shiner.

      When and if this ever happens, look down eith the eye that is out, take a finger
      (preferabley a clean one) and push up on the lower eyelid by the cheek. At the
      same time pull on the eyebrow of the eye that is out and it will pop right back
      into place. Just like magic!!

      Now the other funny stuff. I am out of town working off of a LAP TOP computer
      with one of those built in pressure sensative mices. Has buttons on the side
      just like any other mices I have seen. Did not know that if I tapped twice on
      the pressure sensitive pad it was like double clicking a mouse. To make a long
      story short I had Graves tremors in my hands (you the shake a martinie with out
      moving trick) and I was tring to read my mail from work last night. Had my finger
      on the pad and before I knew it I had opened 34 messages. Thought the damn thing
      was possessed!!

      Ain’t technology grand!!

      Love to all

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