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      OK folks,

      Bottom line is we do not care if you use commas, !! ** @#$%^ As long as
      you write if you need help or have a question. If we can figure out what
      it is you are trying to ask we will try to answer.

      Some folks are reluctant to post because they are worried what others will
      think. A post about punctuation can open a “can of worms” because some folks
      are in the hyper stage and get insulted or hurt easy easy. Some may see it as
      funny and others may see it as being made fun of the way they talk or type.

      Thank you for the education on Graves spelling. Now may we get to the business
      of providing support and an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or a cheer when one
      feels better. Every so often (if you read back over the past two years) we go off
      on tangents on someone posts. The best thing to do is understand where the person
      was coming from and press on and not belabor the point.

      All are welcome!! Many of our readers and posters are from all over the world and
      do a darn site better typing english than I would trying to type in their language.

      Keep on posting and we will keep on answering.

      on-line facilitator
      National Graves Disease Foundation

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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