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      I had my dosage of PTU lowered down almost two weeks ago. On the
      8th and 9th day after the change, I had a return of the frequent bm’s
      and that weird hyper-reality sensation…with the feeling of too much
      coffee (but not drinking coffee). My blood levels before the change
      had gotten to the lower end of the normal range (TSH 5.0, Free T4 0.9).
      Day 10 I called the Endo and asked if these symptoms were a normal
      part of adjusting to a higher level of thyroid hormone in my blood due
      to less PTU….He said, go back up to the last dosage of PTU!

      Has anyone else ever had this experience with lowering their dosage
      even when blood levels indicate it would be ok? The symptoms didn’t
      get “bad,” but at this point any return of anything is enough for
      me to sit up and take notice. I had been enjoying feeling pretty
      “well” on the dosage I had been taking. I’m on a low dosage anyhow, 3 PTU one
      day, 2 the next and alternating. All we tried to do was lower me down to
      2 a day every day. I had visions of getting off it completely…..

      Well, anyone with this experience, give me some feedback please! Thanks. Glynis

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        Tomorrow will be one week on the new dosage of my synthroid, went from .075 to .088. I now know it will take a bit of time to start feeling better with this change, but is it normal to feel bad? :( The last 3 days I have had a few of the hyper symptons, ie hard time sleeping and a rapide pulse at night after going to bed…but I am sooooooo tired all I want to do is sleep and I ache all over now more so than before. Could I have gone more hypO in the last few days and if so what about the hyper symptons?

        Right now it is an effort to do a lot of typing cause wrist joints are aching, my knees ache and my feet have been a bit sore when walking on them, things I haven’t felt (or maybe noticed?) for awhile. Any info and encouragement should would be appreciated.

        Thanks and *HUGZ* to all

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          I’m not sure that this is your case, but I have noticed that when I am going from hype to hypo or the reverse, I seem to have symptoms of both.



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