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      I am on a low dosage of PTU, 50 mg/3X/day. My Endo spoke of increasing it by 50 mg more.
      Well, there I stood in front of the medicine cabinet, took one of my other pills, got distracted
      and suddenly realized…I didn’t know whether I took the PTU or not!! I decided that since I
      didn’t have that horrible taste lingering in my mouth and not much of my drink was gone (and I need ALOT to wash that taste out),
      that I must not have taken it and took it. Now I wonder, did I accidentally take too much? Will it hurt if I did?
      Just in case, for the future, I made a chart to check off every time I take the stuff. My anxiety problem WAS getting
      better, but this is unsettling! Does anyone know if it makes a big deal to accidentally miss it once, or
      accidentally take a little too much? Thanks. Glynis

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        I did the same thing & don’t know if I took an extra dose or not, that was Thursday AM
        I put all day’s dose in a container, & use that for my reminder. Do they make alarm clocks or watches that can be set for 3 times? What happens if you take double the dose? Karen

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          Glynis: That “forgetfulness” you speak of in your post is what I was calling “muzzy thinking” in mine. One day, it took me two hours to get the meds down, because I would get to the bathroom, get distracted by something and take off, without taking the meds. I was finally driving down the road for some errands, and realized I’d not taken them! I began counting out the day’s supply into a little container. That way, if I missed one dose, all I’d have to do is count a very few pills and I would know. In the drug information sheet on PTU it says if you forget a dose, you should take it as soon as possible, or if you are at the time for your next dose, you should take it all together. I.e., they don’t want you to lower the amount you are taking. They don’t say anything about taking too much, though, so I cannot answer that part of your question. BTW, the forgetfulness is a thing of the past. It stopped within a couple of days of me being taken off the PTU. Wishing you luck.


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            Well, if I did take an extra dose (and I still don’t remember for sure :-) then nothing bad happened
            to me…now, I’m checking off a chart whenever I put the little bugger in my mouth.

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              My drug info sheet on PTH says, “If you miss a dose, take as soon
              as remembered; do not take if it is almost time for the next dose,
              instead, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule.
              Do not double-up the dose to catch up. heck with your doctor if you
              miss more than 1 dose.”

              Yes, I’ve missed doses, too. I told the endo that the middle dose was
              the toughest one for me to remember. He said that he’d heard same from
              a number of his patients but to be sure and take it.

              Glynis, hope you’re doing well.


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                I have just been switched from Carbimazol to PTU, but I guess for
                either medicine its the same. I only have to take one pill a day and I tend
                to forget that very often. My doctor says it really doesn’t matter as long
                as I have about the right amount in my body going through the week. I kind
                of eyeball it, trying to be as good as I can. Taking bigger dosages when
                having forgotten one really doesn’t seem to matter.

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