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      I have a special, but absolutely simple request of each of you, even if you were not able to attend the conference. Please type a “thank you” note to the sponsors (KNOLL & Bausch & Lomb) and to the speakers. If you were there, you can speak from first hand experience, or if not, from second-hand information. We cannot have the conference without sponsorship, and this is only the second year we have had any. The speakers this year were hand-picked from Louisville’s finest, and volunteered their time and pre-conference efforts as well. If you e-mail these notes to me, I will forward them to the appropriate people. Bonnie Bos and Lois Leibowitz deserve SPECIAL THANKS, too. So much of the fun stuff (like the CRUISE) was possible due to their friends and local networking. The overabundance of chicken was my fault–it is the least expensive main course there is. We had moe people present than were accounted for, and the chef was even asking for vegetarian volunteers–which he got with a smile!

      Thanks, Nancy

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