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      Okay…this isn’t quite GD or even thyroid related, but I
      wanted to pass it along anyway. I just finished reading
      a new autobiography that many of you might find interesting.
      It’s called “It’s Not About The Bike” by Lance Armstrong.
      He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25.
      It had already spread to his lungs and brain at diagnosis.
      Anyway…why am I posting this to the GD BB? I found his
      story from diagnosis to his outstanding win of the greatest
      bike race in the world (Tour de France) just uplifting!
      While the immediacy of his disease was a lot different than
      the patience-requiring walk with GD, I think a lot of us
      GD Warriors could relate to what he says in the book. I know
      I did. The need for friends, support and trustworthy docs
      must be universal. So, if you are looking for something to
      read during your GD alone time, consider this title. There
      is hope in its pages….and maybe a tiny bit of brotherhood.

      All the best,
      Sheila H.

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