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      Prisms: They work by pulling yours eyes into alignment so that they are focusing on the same object. For those of you that have never eperienced double visiion, try gently pressing on the side of one of your eyes until it is pushed out of alignment, and you see two objects instead of one. It is easier to do it you look out in to the room, but try looking at your monitor!
      Pictures: For those of you that were able to take photos at the conference, PLEASE send me copies. I have an idea for presentation at the ATA meeting next month in Portland (any Portland-ers out there that want to come and help?) We also need them for the newsletter. Please label them so I will know who the people are.
      Patience: Please know that all those “Dr. Morrow” questions were written on little slips of paper and submitted after his talk. He sat down with each and every one of them and patiently wrote the answers. I was very impr4essed with his patience, and genuine caring for patients. (Apologies for the errors that will be on this note…my computer seems to be stuck and won’t let me spell check) Thanks for taking the time to type all these in to the bulletin board.

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