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      I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 5 years ago. Since then, I have had one healthy child and am currently expecting another baby in April. Before I conceived my first child and during the first four months of my first pregnancy, I used PTU successfully. In June 1995, I completed a low dose radioactive iodine treatment. I still have a slightly active thyroid and have resumed taking PTU during this pregnancy. Graves has been a challenge for me but after reading several messages from the bulletin board, I find myself lucky. I have not had “poppy eyes” or the skin placques but have experienced the wide array of symptoms for a long time. My question is (finally!) what concerns should I have taking PTU while being pregnant and how can my Graves affect my unborn child or pregnancy? Also, in the past I have had no weight problems to mention but lately (in the last 5 years), I have found my weight management to be challenging. Historically, what is the effect of Graves on a person’s weight over a period of time?

      Thanks for helping!


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        Thanks for the info. I will have to try to contact them in Pittsburgh
        for information and find out when they’re meeting.

        This bulletin board has been such a help. I was just diagnosed in June
        and in July we got the internet access on our computer. I’m in here all
        the time!

        Can’t wait for the chat room.

        I hooked into that thing with Annette to receive e-mail through her without
        putting my e-mail address on the internet but I think you can get it.

        Please e-mail me with any information. I’m so hungry for information.
        I had the I131 treatment this past monday and I wish I had known more before
        hand, why don’t the Drs. tell you things?

        I have a super endo and she said they don’t tell you everything because
        there are many people out there who would have EVERY side effect possible.
        I guess I can understand that but geeezzzeee .. I never expected to be
        so tired or have such an upset stomach!!! This is worse than morning
        sickness :) !

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          Jennifer, I just found this support group and was reading your message. I was diagnosed with Grave’s about 4 months ago and took 12 mls of RAI 2 months ago. I have a health daughter 1 1/2 years and unfortunately lost a baby at 8 months pregnant, 7 months ago. I was told by my endo (who is excellent) that I should have the RAI if I wanted to get pregnant. I do not know if it was because of meds or not. So far I have been unable to verify that Grave’s cost the life of my little one, but I will contact the NGFD/I tomorrow for more info. Good luck, and God Bless.

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            Thank you for your responses to my plea for advice. I’m wondering if others have been able to manage their weight through their treatment? Yes, it is critical to my career and I do appreciate all your help.

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              Katylyn, you have a serious disease that can cause permanent damage to your heart if untreated, and give you problems with every organ and tissue in your body. Your muscles will atrophy, your mental health will deteriorate, your hair, skin, and nails will be damaged, causing an overall deterioration of your appearance. I wouldn’t think any of that would be desirable in the modeling profession.

              Realistically, you can expect that there will be changes in your ability to manage your weight. That doesn’t mean you will get fat, but if your treatment leaves you hypo for any period, it’s likely you will have a minor weight gain. With diet and exercise, this is manageable, and your weight does not have to be permanently affected.

              Perhaps it would help you to view any period of weight adjustment as a necessary part of treatment for a serious disease, and accept that your career may be affected for a few months. Many of us have our career affected in one way or another and lose work time from this disease.

              I didn’t like the weight gain I dealt with last year after I went hypo. I felt like a puffy slug, and my clothes didn’t fit right. By thinking of it as part of a disease rather than a character defect, I was able to survive that part without a major effect on my self-esteem, and with diet and exercise am now only two pounds over my pre-Graves’ weight.

              Hope that gives you a bit of perspective. This may not be humorous to you, but if you turn into a “plus size”, there is a market for those models too! ;)


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                I really hope you are getting some treatment. Yes, I know the thought of gaining weight is scary – esp. if your career could be jeopardized. Look at it this way, though – you won’t have much of a career if this disease kills you or makes you absolutely crazy.

                Take care of your health and everything else should fall into place.

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