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      My daughter in law was given radioactive iodine to drink because she had Graves Disease. Unfortunately, the pregnancy test which was negative according to the lab, was wrong & she is pregnant. She took the iodine since Thanksgiving, & is only a few weeks pregnant. Has anyone gone thru a pregnancy when the iodine was taken. Could you tell me the results? Does anyone know anything about such a terrible thing. We are scared, of course, don’t know what it will do to the baby. She is going to the doctor for more tests today & we may know more tomorrow. We would appreciate any insight anyone has.


      Jeane in Texas

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        That’s probably not a common experience. Our hearts are with you even if
        we can’t give you any feedback from our personal experiences. Please
        keep in touch with us and update us on this situation, especially doctor’s
        This situation will surely depend on what developmental stage the fetus
        was at and how much radiation your daughter received. However, the
        human body has a great resiliency and ability to repair itself and
        we are all testaments to that fact!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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