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      I had asked my doctors questions regarding Graves and Pregnancy. I also
      called a counseling service regarding Pregnancy and Medication (in
      Germany that is). Taking all information together they would prefer
      to have you in the upper normal range of T3 and T4 with as little medication
      as needed. There seems to be a period when the developing fetes builds
      on it’s own thyroid. Especially at that period the mother should not be
      hypo. You have to ask you doctor about which period that is (14th week
      or something like that – I am not sure though). All in all they really
      would prefer stable levels in the upper range. None of the doctors
      seemed at all worried about the TSH levels.
      I have not been pregnant yet so I have no direct exprience. I think like
      other women on this net I would have a hard time becoming pregnant,
      because my ovulation has been becoming more an more unpredictable (with
      more than 50 days between menustration).
      I have just gone in remission, T3 and T4 are within normal range. I am hoping
      that ovulation will stabalize with my body being in charge again without

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