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      I remember my endo saying after the last visit that now that my thyroid
      levels were normal, that I would be able to get pregnant easier. but after years of trying
      on and off without no success I did not believe it. Well I am now
      7 weeks pregnant, 9 months is a long time to pray that nothing goes wrong
      I do have apointments with both my endo and ob doctor, but am wondering
      if any one knows what is worse for the pregnancy being to hyper, or being to hypo.

      They are still trying to get my levels stabalized they were still going down on the ptu, they are with
      in normal range but appear to be going to low now.

      Any input would be apreciated.


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        Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear of your good news! I am in my 26th week of pregnancy with my second child–both pregnancies were after my being diagnosed with GD and I took PTU with both pregnancies. I was on PTU for almost the first 16 weeks of both pregnancies and I took progesterone lozengers for the first trimester with this pregnancy as a precaution (it appears that progesterone levels can influence miscarriages). Other than that, the pregnancies are as normal as possible. Good luck and keep me posted!


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          Dear Theresa,

          Don’t be over worried. Just pray and have faith. God will take care of
          things. God is ever so merciful and nothing is impossible for him.
          Jesus loves you too.

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            When I was pregnant after trying for 2 1/2 yrs my endo was very lackadaisical about monitoring me. Well I had a miscarriage in my 4th month that was determined to be caused by being hypo. Since then I haven’t
            be en able to get prenant again(3 more yrs). Now I have pituitary problems diagnosed by high Prolactin levels. Just had an MRI looking for tumor(s). So we’ll see what ‘s going on . My understanding is that if your hyper menstuation regularity is a joke so getting pregnant is very difficult. How being hyper affects you once you are pregnant I’m not sure but I do know that you need more meds to stay level when your pre gnant because the babny uses some too Hope this helped—-Kendra

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