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      Hi Vanna, I was placed on Prednisone before my Radiotherapy. I was on it before, during and after my 10 treatments. I had had pulse steroid treatments several months before which was three intravenous treatments of steroids. This did not make any change to the swelling in my eyes. I questioned going on the Prednisone as I did not want to. I was told by my Ophthal and my radiologist that they always put patients having radiotherapy on the Prednisone for about six weeks. The dosage tapered off as I took it. Your Ophthal may want to do the orbital irradiation because this is a way of slowing and eventually stopping the disease. I myself would not want to be on Prednisone for any length of time because in SOME cases the side effects can be pretty horrible.

      I would have a lengthy conversatiion with your Ophthal and find out his long term prognosis. Is he planning on orbital decompression after the radiotherapy and muscle surgery after that to correct your double vision? You can pull up previous posts on eyes or read some of the sites available and make a list of questions. You should be clear in your mind what his/her course of treatment will be. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER when reading posts of others experiences that every person reacts differently to treatments and each Opthalmologist approaches his/her course of action differently. I have found this BB extremely helpful in giving me an idea of what I am in for and for support when I am feeling down but what I have been through and my recovery has been a little different than others. In otherwords don’t worry yourself over something that may not happen. Now I just have to remind myself of that when it comes time for my next surgery!!

      Good luck and keep smiling. SAS

        Post count: 93172

        I’ve just been placed on prednisone and it’s miraculous how it’s decrease
        the swelling and inflammation around my eyes. It improved my double
        vision too. I’m not on it even a week and my opthamologist wants me to
        have radiotherapy. He feels the prednisone is only a short term solution.
        Anyone out there with any similar experiences. I’d appreciate your
        opinions and knowledge. Thanks

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