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      Had to add my two cents.

      I hate prednisone!! Said last week I fent like a road kill coon three days into a
      four day bloat!! BUT!! I have been on 60mg a day for two weeks due to facial numbness.
      Had a CAT scan done yesterday to see how much room I have in the sinus area. Will get
      more surgery it looks like Friday. (Sinus drainage holes) The radiologist did not know
      what to do when they did the CAT scan on someone who had a three wall decompression
      of the eye sockets. No reference points to go by. Kind of funny.

      But back to prenisone. I have noticed bloating and water retention. I have not noticed
      any reduction in the facial numbness. But I have notice I am sleeping better and my eyes
      have not hurt for a week. I almost forgot what it was like to not have my eyes hurt all
      the time. It is a plus of tremendous proportions!!!

      I guess as long as my cloths still fit and my wife loves me I can look like bloated roadkill.
      Will see you all on chat tonight!!! May be there late have a Scout function to go to.


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        I’m looking for an endocrinologist who believes in people not paper. I tried to phone 1-800-thyroid, but operator said not working. Can anyone help?
        Thanks Brenda

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          Thanks for all of your posts on prednisone. I have been on this
          now for almost 10 months of varying doses. Now on 30 mgs. The real
          bottom line for me personally is weighing all the side effects against losing
          ones sight. I guess I can put up with the side effects hoping there is real light
          at the end of the tunnel and the prednisone and other meds will make
          that light happen. It looks like all the bad for me outway the good so
          the warrior battle goes on with the puffy, stuffy meds.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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