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      Good Morning,

      I was just wondering if others on prednisone have
      found while they were taking this all of their blood
      work results were thrown off balance because of the
      prednisone? For instance, TSH, CBC counts, etc come
      back abnormal. For some reason it throws things into
      a higher range. Any thoughts, comments or
      experiences with this??


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        Please see “REPOST” on 8/3/97
        To Joan Ryan:

        >Thanks for the very mportant info you passed on to us all.
        >I am especially interested since I have no response to synthroid
        >(only T4) except for lower TSH levels.

        I didn’t either. That (and “normal levels”) were why I and my doctors
        dismissed for years the thyroid as the possible cause of my malaise.

        >how did you get your doctor to listen

        My doctor is the one who suggested this after repeated inquiries (over
        the course of 3 years). Finally I asked him in a more direct way:

        “Look, you see more thryoid patients than 98% of endocrinologists in the
        country. Did you ever have a patient that began to feel worse after
        beginning treatment, and if so, what did you do?”

        >and what tests did you have.

        The only test to see if T3 will help is to try it and see. The other
        tests I took were unrelated to my thyroid and were of no importance

        To Shannon:

        >I like you was diagnosed 5 years ago and for me I am continually
        >having problems with my levels.

        It is possible that (for whatever unknown reason) your body converts
        T4 into T3 with variable efficiency. Maybe taking T3 daily will stabilize
        your levels? It may be worth a try.

        >T3 is not even listed on the lab sheets here.

        It should be. Standard tests include T3, T4, a combined test (called
        “T7”, although there is no hormone T7), TSH, and others. All of these
        are listed on the sheets of my endocrinologist.

        >Congratulations on finally feeling better.
        >I wish you continued health and much happiness.

        Thanks, Shannon!

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          I was due for blood work right before I left Florida, but, sure enough my doctor went on vacation. We’re being switched to a different insurance policy in January and the doctors on it (Preferred Provider Plan) are different from the ones on the old plan. I hate the thought of going to a doctor, only to have to switch and I’m too budget-conscious right now to pay the extra for someone outside of the plan (either one).

          So, by the time I get a blood test I will actually have been off PTU for four full months! I feel completely un-hyper, even during PMS. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not getting a little hypo. I was told that in the Postpartum version of GD it is not uncommon for the thyroid to “burn out” after things leveled out.

          I e-mailed my old doctor a week ago to see if this delay in getting my blood work would be okay. He hasn’t mailed me back (and I have AOL, so does he and I know he read the message).

          Just needed to complain a little. Has anyone out there gotten hypoish soon after being off anti-thyroid meds?

          Thanks for listening! Glynis

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