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      That’s nice CHeryl. I am in my pajamas and have to go get a tire fixed and to the grocery store BEFORE my husband gets home about 4:00 or 4:30.


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        So Far today, God, I’ve done all right.
        I haven’t gossiped.
        I haven’t lost my temper.
        Haven’t been grumpy, nasty or selfish.
        I’m really glad of that.

        But in a few minutes, God, I’m going to
        have to get out of bed:
        And from then on, I’m probably going to
        need a lot of help…Amen.

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          Shannon, I send my prayers for you and your Grandmother. I sing you both this song that conforts me.

          “May the long time sun shine upon you
          All love surround you
          And the pure light within you
          Guide you all the way on.”

          Song from the Incredible String Band’s album, from the 1960’s.

          All Love, Karen

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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