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      Thank you Jake…….that was very well done!!!!!

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        Thanks for your post! You are right it seems like every four months or so everyone needs to be reminded about the rules and regs.

        Since there is so much unexplored territory and unknowns with graves this support board is the best way for everyone to exchange ideas, solutions and try to make simple sense! Just as I am so glad to have found this board 8 months ago we all need to work together and treat everyone just like we ourself like to be treated. Hopefully the voice of the people will strengthen research for us before the next millenium!

        Have a great night!

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          Almost two years has passed since this BB was started and we have had
          problems with people misreading others posts. This seems to happen every
          three to four months. It is not new to us. We have also had people quit
          posting and that is sad. We have also had people quit and come back when
          they began to experience symptoms that others have had and have stayed.

          Freedom of speach is respected here but you will find some folks (depending
          where they are in the disease) can be touchy about what is said or implied.
          Unfortunatly BB must have rules and disclaimers to exist. There are other
          BBs on that are having much worse problems. I just ask
          that all remember that this forum is read worldwide and we do not remove
          posts (only ever did that once on this BB) but other BBs have had to have
          numerous posts removed due to content.

          Thank you Lynn and others to saying lets get back to support! That and
          education is what we are here for. Just remember that none of us is paid
          to do this. We do it to help others. Sometimes we piss someone off along
          the way but we try not to. When someone else feels attacked we try to keep
          things in perspective.

          Most people read posts for four months before they put their first post on
          the board. We are read over 100k times a month. So you can see with only
          15k posts and the Graves board being accessed hundreds of thousands only
          a fraction actually post. Most read to get information or to see if they
          want to stick around.

          I would gladly toun over the title of facilitator if someone would give the
          time to do the job once in awhile. You need to be registerd with the
          National Graves Disease Foundation and have talked to our director. I have
          made many friends on this board and would not trade them for the world.
          And yes some of them started off adverseral and we are great friends.

          As for the use of e-mail addresses it is used to post directly to someone
          instead of posting general posts. The folks who run the BBs for us have
          had to increase the size of their systems to handle the volumn of data and
          posts that ore done on not just this board but the hundred or so others.
          They do this FREE to us and the other support groups. Thank you Archie and
          Annette from the bottom of my heart. I thank the great spirit each and
          every day that you and Archie called us to ask us if we wanted to do a support
          group on the BB

          Lets get back to the business at hand and provide support. I know we will
          go through this again in a few months but thank each and everyone of you
          who post.

          To quote a Omaha Prayer

          “Father a needy one stands before you. I that sing am he”

          Online facilitator
          National Graves Disease Foundation

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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