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      Hi all,

      I wanted to seek your advice on what the ideal t3 &t4 number should be (upper range, middle range, and lower range of what’s on the lab result normal range).

      Also, post thyroidectomy, the TSI number has gone up. It was in May around 320, 299 one month prior to surgery, and then 360 now. I am concerned about this. Should I be?

      Thank you all!

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        Hello and welcome – the T3/T4 issue is very personal. Some patients report feeling best at a certain point in the range, based on analyzing their own lab results over time.

        As for the TSI, that can fluctuate over time, and it’s not well understood exactly why. One study out of Europe (Laurberg et al 2008) found that antibodies were reduced significantly in the first 12-18 months after surgery. But these numbers were averages of everyone in the study, so individual results could vary.

        Hopefully, others will chime in with their results after surgery. I went the methimazole route and went hypo* without surgery or RAI.

        *edit: hypo set in after 7 years on meds and 1.5 years w/ no meds.

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          I am three years post TT. I dose replacement hormone by TSH, which I keep around 1. It is pretty stable. FT4 varies slightly, usually in upper part of range. FT3 isnt tested, unless Anesthesia requests it before general anesthesia for eye surgeries. I have no idea why they require it. When it is tested, it can range anywhere from low normal to hi mid range, even as everything else stays stable, so it isnt of much value. I have no idea what my antibodies are. The eye disease burned out within 6 months post TT and my TSH went from nondetectable to normal range at first labs two weeks post TT. I feel normal, no different than I felt prior to Graves diagnosis.

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