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      I posted this in the “success story” thread, but thought I’d also start a new thread for discussion.

      After being diagnosed with Graves in 2007 at 19 there were a number of years trying to get the Graves under control (finally went with RAI) and find the right dose of Synthroid. Between 2012 and late last year my wife’s thyroid levels were stable. Then she got pregnant with our first child. Because of the Graves she was referred to maternal fetal medicine as a high risk patient where they recommend extra growth scans for possible growth restriction.

      Our son did come out “small for gestational age”, but happy and healthy. His thyroid levels were tested at birth and his TSH was low (t4 in range). But further testing showed no Graves antibodies and that his TSH came back into the normal range.

      My wife’s endocrinologist also did a great job staying on top of the need for higher doses of Synthroid as the pregnancy progressed.

      Mom is currently ramping down the Synthroid levels and is back on the hunt for the right dose.

      Here’s to hoping it isn’t a long search to find the new normal.

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        Congratulations – and thanks for sharing your success story! I once heard pregnancy referred to as a “stress test for the thyroid”. So hopefully, your wife will be able to get back to her medication “sweet spot” soon.

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