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      Hi all,

      I went to Shiley Eye Center for the 1st time today to get an eye exam and baseline as I never did it before. All looks good except some dry eye and a scar in my right eye (not sure how I got that!). I’ve been using Systane drops (non preservatives) and that works fine as my eyes aren’t that bad. The doctor I saw suggested that, if I wanted to at some point or the dryness got worse, I could get plugs. She said she used them as well. Does anyone use plugs? What do you think of them? Again, I’m not planning on going that route at this point and hopefully the drops will be enough for me. But, I was curious if anyone tried them.

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        My eye dr mentioned the same thing. For right now I’m just using the drops as well. Just a generic non preservative type like you.

        Hope someone who has had it done can chime in and let us know how it went and if they are happy with the results…


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          Do a search on the posts. I have read about the Punctum plugs on older posts…..I don’t have any experience with them as I am just beginning my Graves journey.

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            Hello – Yes, hopefully, someone with first-hand experience will jump in here!

            I recall talking to other patients at our conferences about punctal plugs and receiving mixed reviews. Some felt it made a huge difference in providing relief from dry eyes, while others had issues with the plugs falling out.

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              I went to corneal specialist last year because I had severe eye dryness and double vision. My eyes were tearing constantly and I had to wear sunglasses inside and out. The glare from the tv made them tear.

              I was diagnosed with corneal epithelial basement membrane dystrophy. I also had scarring on my cornea which I found out were callouses on my cornea. Apparently I sleep with my eye partially open? Thank you graves! I had laser surgery to sand them down. I now wear a contact bandage to protect my eye and my doctor changes it every 3 months. I also use restasis 2x’s a day, vigamox and refresh eye drops constantly. At night I use a pm lubricant and press and seal wrap over my eye. It really helps seal in the moisture and I wake up without eye pain.

              Yesterday I went to my endo at Loyola and she said I have another bout with TED. It’s been 21 years since my graves was diagnosed and I thought my eye issues were behind me but it’s back. My left eye is getting quite large as I have been hyper from meds most of the past year. I see my ophthalmologist next week to see what the next step is.

              Life certainly has not been easy these last 20+ years. I still have the antibodies, a-fib and just all around general malaise.

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                Hello – Sorry to hear that you are back on the TED rollercoaster, but I see that you have connected with Shirley in another thread. Shirley has been great about documenting her experiences with TED on this forum.

                Hopefully, you have a doc who is working with you to get your levels back within range. Although TED can happen at any time, being either hypo or hyper does seem to increase the risk for eye involvement.

                Take care – and please keep us posted!

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