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    As you wrap the gifts picture the smile on your sisters face as she opens them.
    Imagine the happyness she will have from warm feet and knowing the last person
    to touch the love cross was you. Get wrapping and put on some Xmas music. Cry
    your eyes out if you want to while wrapping. Go ahead and get it on the paper
    she will know how much you cared.

    JAke (I understand my dad is in the same baot and your sister will have one hell of
    a story teller to listen to on the other side)

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    This is a support group and I need a push. I can’t wrap them. I have the box out and the gifts for her and I can’t wrap them. I have to wrap them in order to mail them. This is her last Christmas. I bought her a pair of my favorite slipper socks (Acorn Yahoos) and 2 pair of wool blend Wigwam hiking socks, the best for warmth. She said her feet have been cold and I can’t stand the thought of her not being able to warm up. I’m returning her Cross, too. We exchanged Crosses when I was out there in May for her first surgery when all this started. It’s a “love Cross” and she should give it to Doug, her fiance’. She has cancer and she’s my twin. Please tell me something so I can wrap and mail these gifts. My heart is breaking again.

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    This is a very difficult time for you and we are here for you. My best
    friend lost her battle with cancer ten years ago. I gave her a necklace
    with the hope, faith and charity charm and she kept it with her always.
    My best friend was also a twin although she never got to know her twin
    brother as he died when they were two. However, she always felt him
    around her and continued to feel the bond that twins share. It gives me
    peace to know that they are together now. My Mom is also a twin and
    despite thousands of miles that separate them they will always have a
    special connection that only twins can understand.

    Be there for your sister and share as much as you can with each other.
    Like everyone has said wrap the presents even if you have to do it with
    tears streaming down your face. Every year I write my best friend’s
    parents a Christmas letter and each year I do it with tears. It is hard
    but I know I have to do it.

    May you find peace in knowing that the love that you share with your twin
    sister will always be with you.

    Let me know if I can help, Diane

    I wi

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    Dear Claudia, Your message broke my heart. I have twin daughters and know how extra special that bond is. I’m really sorry to her of this pain your carrying around.
    My thoughts are with you. And use this board for support! Trish

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