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      Hi Glynis,

      I wake up in the middle of the night with numb feet and hands. I have normalized graves disease now. It’s probably some sort of auto immune disfunction.


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        Has anyone else noticed that since their bout with thyroid disease that their hands or feet “fall asleep” more often? Is this more a symptom of hypo or hyper? I think I first noticed it when hypo on PTU. Sometimes when I sleep with my hands over my head, under the pillow, I wake up with that pins & needles thing. Also, when kneeling or something my feet seem to fall asleep more often.

        I’m just curious as to whether this is a common problem & if so, if it is more often a “hypo” or “hyper” thing.


        P.S. On a personal note, as if I don’t need “more” stress right now, the person who stalked me for ages going back to my late teens & 20’s (and I mean thoroughly stalked me) has managed to find me via the Internet, only email to a different account, no address yet. I wonder, is this a test to see if the stress triggers those antibodies or if I am truly in remission? Anyway, I appreciate any prayers.

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          Glynis, I dont know what I am right now… I guess still hyper but yes I notice this
          alot also. I do the same thing when I sleep… arms above the head under the pillow
          and every morning it’s the same thing.. when I sit at the puter and cross my legs;
          sometimes I dont even have to cross my legs my feet/foot fall’s asleep. I have also
          noticed cold hands and feet more often too or one
          cold hand and one warm hand..I just thought it was me.. I’m also on PTU

          My prayer’s are with you..

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