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      It’s 2:30 a.m. and although I’m not having such a great night, I have to share
      yesterday with y’all.
      It was Day 8 (YES!) after RAI (which was very significant to hubby and me according
      to instructions by the radiologist), and I had my baseline app’t. with the ophthalmologist – no
      signs of eye involvement at present. What? Good News? It’s been so long since
      we’ve had any at this house, I wasn’t sure I’d recognize it. I know it is not
      an indicator of the future, but today I don’t have G.O.! That app’t. was first thing
      in the morning. Then, yesterday afternoon I noticed that I wasn’t wiped out. This
      is a first since the end of Sept. It was the afternoon – I didn’t ache all over-
      my legs were awhole lot less rubbery – and I didn’t need to lay down (YES!).
      In fact, what I felt was NORMAL. This was cause for great celabration. I called
      my husband with this normal news and wanted to do something constructive with this
      normal level of energy. I made a pineapple upside down cake (my favorite). When
      Jeff came home from work, he had a little gift for me – a Golden Earring cd with a
      tune on it that I’ve been humming lately – Radar Love.
      You know, it’s the little things, isn’t it? You’re so right Jake, life can be good.

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        Congratulations on your good day! Don’t worry, you will have many more to come. The only positive thing about feeling really lousy is that you sure do notice and appreciate it when you feel better. Good luck.

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          My name is Karen and I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease. My parents live 800 miles away, the only support person I have is my sister,
          and yet she doesn’t really know about GD. I go for a RAI next Friday,
          12/13 funny friday the 13th. I am so glad this support group is set up and have spent many hours going through all the information available using the Internet.

          I talked with someone who also has GD and she had her RAI last year and
          she still doesn’t feel 100% Is this common?

          Well anyway I’m thankful for any information I receive.


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