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      Hello everyone,
      Just wanted to let you all know that I saw my endo. last night and things are “looking” pretty good for me so far. Incase you forgot, I had a subtotal on 3/22. I haven’t gotten results of my TFI yet but I feel much better than the few months before surgery. I wasn’t sure if I should be feeling better yet or not (wasn’t sure if it was just in my head knowing that some other form of treatment had finally been done) He said to give him a little credit and that yes, I should definately be feeling “something” by now. Although he said upon exam. that he feels I am still a little hyper.(I still have a few symptoms) I should be ready for replacement within a couple of weeks. I have read so much about hyperthyroidism and GD that I haven’t allowed much time to research the other end of all this…what happens afterwards and when you need hormone replacement therapy. I know there is a lot of talk about the different meds that are available but could someone please tell me what the most popular or widely used meds for becoming hypo. are? I would like to do a search and see what ?’s and concerns I will need to address for myself when that time comes.
      Also, I asked him why my phosphorus was checked with my calcium. (My calcium is now a 10 so I feel much better about that) His explanation was somewhat confusing but I thought if I could at least give you all a general idea…when they do the surgery there is a chance they could “nick” the parathyroid glands and they are what regulate the level of these very important minerals in our system. So, although I am not clear enough in my understanding to explain how these minerals in their combination effect our growth and well being, at least we all now now that they both have an important role somehow. Sorry, I know that is confusing but…I don’t know how to say it in laymens terms. Just thought that little bit of info. would be useful to some.
      If anyone can please reply to my hypo. question, it would be greatly appreciated. I go back in 2 weeks to see if I may be ready to start any other type of therapy.
      Love to you all,

        Post count: 93172

        Sorry – but need to ask again about synthetic vs natural hormone replacement. I have a dr. appt next week and would like to bring up the option of trying the non-synthetic hormone. I am not having much luck with the synthetic. Never have been stable for over 5 years – on, then off for awhile, then on, etc. Anyone with some input I would GREATLY appreciate hearing from you. I need to go to my appt. armed with some good research and data.

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