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      I realize I only gave you the bottom line from the pharmacy session at the conference, but it was very detailed…and we were told that the book, The Peoples Guide to Deadly Interactions, covers all he shared and more.

      You are right in thinking things like vitamins and even food can be checked out for interference with your meds.

      As regards eyes and the Mayo Clinic and experts….at the conference
      Nancy’s eye surgeon ( or an associate?) spoke. They gave info regarding timing of surgeries significantly far apart that was very different than the experience at Mayo (albeit successful) that one of our warriors had. She may chose to tell you more about that. It just indicative of the fact that it is a small and changing field of expertise. The recommendation was made that one does not go to a local clinic that handles, say 5 surgeries of a type per year, but find a specialist who does 100 in that same time. Perhaps you have noticed the difference in information shared here regarding radiation for the eyes. We have seen a full spectrum of reports of very positive outcomes engendering confidence, to strong prohibative warnings, to negative experiencial reports. Hope you find doctors close enough to you that are in the know that you can actually be a real entity to them and be supported through whatever you face.

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