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      I have been on medication for Graves disease for about a year and my endo
      tells me my levels are in the normal range yet my elevated body temperature and
      and resultant sweating persist. Living in Australia I find summer is becoming less and less bearable
      and my wife can’t stand me in the same bed as her,my endo doesn’t have a clue why!
      After more tests than I care to think about I am no better off, can anyone suggest anything that could help.
      Regards Paul.

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        First, some more questions.

        What is your resting pulse rate? (take it about 3 times in ten minutes, and average them)
        What is your normal diet? What things do you eat and drink?
        Do you ever feel faint or look pale?
        Do you exercise alot, alittle, or not at all?
        What are your hormone levels and ranges?
        Do you drink a lot of water?
        Do you ever have dry skin or dry lips?

        Might be weird questions, but I am going somewhere with this.

        Hope I might help


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          Hi Paul

          I’m just letting you know there is an Aust Thyroid Foundation – you
          can email me if you don’t have details.


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            Dear Ron, thanks for your prompt reply,regarding your questions will answer as best I can
            *Resting pulse rate 80
            *Eat a fairly well balanced diet, have some kind of meat everyday, eat plenty of vegetables,cereal,
            salads but little fruit. Tended to like sweet things but finding I am losing my taste for them.
            *Drink tea, milk, coke, occasional fruit juice, during summer drink lots of bottled water due to my sweating.
            *Never feel faint but approx once a fortnight my wife will comment on how pale I am.
            *Exercize a little.
            *My endo only ever says my hormones are in the normal range.
            *Drink lots of water during summer, never have dry lips or skin.
            *Am taking 3 x 50mg Propylthiouracil/day
            *I’m 35 years old, 180cm tall and weigh approx 92kg. Have weighed 68kg’s when I super fit at age 20
            and ballooned up to about 102kg march 1996.
            Thanks again for your help and hope you can come up with a few answers.
            Regards Paul.

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