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      dee it sounds like the steinfield one when
      george got a peice of jerry’s grapefuilt in
      the eye , go back to the doctor if it get worise


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        I had these permanent tear plugs put in on Tuesday (without
        trying the temps) and so far my eyes have been tearing
        uncontrollably and bloodshot. Is this normal or do I need to make a
        call to the eye surgeon ?? I look like I have been crying
        for 3 days and people at work are asking is everything all right!
        any similar experiences or is it just my old bad blue eyes???

        I just have a case of the ppp!(permanent, plugs pits) and it’s Friday!

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          Denise sorry your having trouble with the plugs. What you
          explained doesn’t sound normal to me. You definitely should
          check with your doctor. I’m able to wear my contacts without any
          discomfort at all now since the plugs. I hope your eyes start
          feeling better soon. Good luck and take care!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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