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      I need info quickly on a thyroid condition called periodic paralysis.
      A relative with GD and Alzhemer’s (maybe) is experiencing this.
      Does anyone who was at the national conference remember what Dr.Guttler
      said about this?

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        Dear Joan, I got out my notes and all that I wrote in this regard was… periodic paralysis, legs back in a few hours. On the plane to Co I sat by a gentleman who had this problem almost nightly. He would wake up and rise to go to the bath and then he would become frozen and unable to return unaided to his bed. He said it happened suddenly and left as unexpectedly. That is all the info I have ever encountered on this subject. Now this felloe gave me his card and asked me to contact him, but my e-mails have not made it. If I do get in touch with him, I will keep your question in mind.
        Hope you are doing well. I think of you. Jeannette

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          I looked up my notes, too, and he said it was due to hypokalemia
          low potassium???
          This came up because a member of our extended family, who has GD,
          developed weight gain, memory loss, and alzheimer’s disease very
          quickly last year and is deteriorating rapidly. He is experiencing
          periodic paralysis where he just gets hands and legs stuck in one
          position for a while and then recovers sometime later. Doctors have
          diagnosed it as ‘Alzheimer’s Freeze’.
          I hope they did something besides a TSH test to rule out low thyroid
          hormone levels. These two conditions sound very similar. He’s on synthroid,
          but I don’t know how much.

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