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      Hi everyone,

      Sorry I haven’t posted lately and welcomed the newcomers and talked to my friends. I have been out of town, beach with ex, remember? Everything
      went fine. I’ve been working, my computer was down a couple of days and I
      just decided to sit down and write this before I go to bed. My son is being released from prison this Friday. His child has had problems in
      school this week, he is eight and has been nervous this week about his dad coming home. He hasn’t seen him in over a year.
      My ex daughter in law told him he could visit with his da Friday, but could not spend the night.
      Ex daughter in law called me tonight, told me these things and I told her my son wants his son and step-son to spend the
      weekend with him at my son’s father’s. she said o.k. She said my grandson has been so upset that he couldn’t spend the night with his father, so
      she told him he could. The child hurts, loves his dad and wants to be with him. However I do not blame the mother for not wanting him to spend the night with his father until she knows he has gotten his life together
      He doesn’t live in a wonderful home now either, but I do understand the child’s feelings. I’m scared to go home, so I am not going until next Wednesday, got to go to two showers for my future daughter inlaw that week.
      We are all afraid, but I am truly trying to avoid facing this right now, other son’s wedding is in two weeks. I haven’t even gotten or decided on flowers for mothers and grandmothers. Time is running out. Just please remember us in your prayers. Sorry I haven’t been there for any of you lately. Love you all.


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