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      There is a dr in pittsburgh classified as a pediatric endocrinologist…his name is Dr Radfar at mercy hospital…phone number….412-344-7979
      His wife is an endo as well but he specializes in pediatric endo…

      youngest person i know was 10 at onset a girl…….doing very well now on synthyroid….after going from all a/s in school to funking
      They are lucky it was caught and not diagnosed as ADD>>>
      hope this helps….

        Post count: 93172

        I have received a call from a mother with a six and a half year old child with ACTIVE Graves’. He was diagnosed at eighteen months. She needs a pediatric endocrinologist. Plus, she has NEVER talked to another parent of a child with Graves’. Any of you that have any information to share–either know doctors, or know of doctors, or have a child of similar circumstances and would be willing to talk to her—PLEASE CONTACT ME. She does not have access to a computer, so I will be the go-between. Some of you regular warriors, who have kept track of such things, please contact people who have been on the bb who are not currently posting. She needs some support. Thanks,


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