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      Has anyone on the BB been on Paxil for depression??
      The Doc put me on it a month ago and my prescription ran out last thursday.
      I could not figure out what was going on in my head….
      I kept getting these mini dizzy spells, and nausea.
      I thought I was having a stroke. They will
      not go away!!!!! I checked on the net and found
      that you are not supposed to quit this drug cold
      turkey!!! Doc never told me that. I am really ticked.
      although at least now I know what is wrong.
      They are happening all the time and It is really starting
      to bug me. I hate this feeling!!!!!
      I don’t even think I need the D*mn Paxil now anyway. I have had
      zero stress since I changed my job and had been feeling really good
      up until this point.
      I have 14 people coming for Thanksgiving on Sunday and I really did not need this!!!
      Thanks for listening
      Luv Lynners

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        Jake and I both took paxil(jake still does). However, jake quit cold turkey and became paralyzed behing the wheel of the car! Your doc shold have told you not to quit this drug cold gobble gobble! (humor here). You must taper off the drug under his supervision! Call him.

        Love ya, JAN

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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