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      Hello folks! tried to get into the CHAT room but just could
      not find my way in. So far the plasmaphoresis has been
      working well! My eye tests have improved in a week and a
      half. But there is a down side to this and that is part 2.
      The immunosuppresant drugs to come. I will begin tommorrow
      these deadly drugs. The doctors have told me the success
      rate is six out of 10 patients do wellwith this procedure.
      Time will tell. We all relize our eyes our are world and
      where would we be without them. I am setting goals to get
      better. By October I want to take a trip to Ireland and I
      know I will be there and I will see that Emerald Isle. I am
      hangin in there and will do just fine. One thing I know is
      this BB is the most supportive and active compared to other
      support groups. Take care! DD /yake carer

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