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    Dear Jake,
    I appreciate your asking for me. I am still out here. Live has been
    rather stressfull recently ( I work in a hospital ) and I have
    had little time to lock myself into the system. When I try to access
    the www in the afternoon (after work) I just takes very long to
    lood the support group pages (the system seems overloaded).
    I have not been able to lock myself into the Chat line, I have not
    yet figured out how to do it. It seems rather complicated – I could
    use any suggestions where to start and what to do. Where is this
    thing to register for it. I have found the page with instructions,
    have also loaded a zip program, but thats about all I have.

    How have I been – pretty okay, still taking my Carbimazol every day and
    hoping for Graves to go away (still believing in miracles). I
    fell very comfortable with my homeophathc doctor – she is a very nice
    women. She is trying to booster my system so that has enough energy to
    concentrate on the healing process, that is at least how I see it.
    She actually doesn’t believe in flu shot, she has had some bad
    experiences with it, but than we have not had any bad flu cases
    in the South of Germany. She suggested that to come an see here if I feel
    any symptoms (little as they may be).
    Now I will try to read through some of the massages, I might have to
    try again tomorrow morning, when America is asleep.

    Thanks for caring

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