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      Greetings Pam,

      Welcome to the GD message board. First thing, we do have a support group
      in Iowa. It is in Dubuque. The leaders name is Darlene Kirch and her
      phone number is 319-588-2031. Give her a call. I am glad you found us and
      wanted to share your experience. Sometimes when I look at all the messages
      I get down in the dumps. Most of the times I see a message like yours and
      it lifts my spirits. It reminds all of us who answer the mail and run the
      support groups why we do this. I have a few folks in my group I will send
      your message to in my next newsletter to my local group. Your letter fits
      one person very well. Denial is not a good thing. Glad to see you are doing
      what you need to, to get better. Let us know how you are doing. As you can
      see you have friends here who understand and have been there. Bless you bless
      you bless you. Keep reading and keep writing.

      on-line support group
      facilitator for the NGDF

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