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    Graves disease is not a death sentance. It does make life interesting!
    The vast majority of people who come down with Graves have no problems
    after treatment. A small percentage will have more than their fair share
    of problems so the odds are in your favor. You will have to learn to manage
    your disease not let it manage you. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to
    the National Graves Disease Foundation at 2 Tsitis court Brevard, NC 28712.
    Or call Dr. Nancy Patterson at 704-877-5251 or call me at 407-254-9719. We
    can help you get over the idea of Graves and get you on to the rest of your
    life. Give us some particulars. Age, where do you live, and we can suggest
    endocrinologists and the like in your area. Don’t give up the ship.


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