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      This awfull disease seems to be very individuel so dont get your hopes too high, but I found a solution that worked very well for me.
      My endo told me that these legproblems had nothing to do with GD, but I made a research here at this BB and found out that Beta-Blockers might be the solution.
      This is a year ago and I could’nt walk at all, thought of getting a wheel-chair and was in a very low mood.
      20 minuts after I started on the betablockers (propranolol in Denmark)
      I could walk again and it worked so that I had to take my tablets on the hour – if I forgot just for 15 min. the pain came back.
      I’m now in remission and totally free of all medicin, and the pain and other troubles has’nt come back.
      My best wishes for all of you

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