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      My fiance (55 yrs old, male) was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease.
      We are now wondering whether eye problems he had a number of years ago
      may somehow be related. Three times over the past 6-7 years he
      suffered from what he thinks the doctor said was a tear in the retina
      or some such phenomenon that allowed fluid to seep in. Twice it was
      repaired by laser, once allowed to heal by itself. At the time, the
      doctor had no explanation but now we are wondering if if could have been
      the Graves.

      His condition, by the way, was discovered by accident during a routine
      physical examination. Although he suffered from heat intolerance,
      reddening of the skin on his palms, frequent diarrhea, “hot” skin and
      constantly feeling tired, none of these were severe enough for him to go
      to look for any real cause. (I have also learned from reading research
      that the Graves might have something to do with the fact that his hair
      turned completely white when he was in his mid-40’s . . . anyone have
      any similar experience?)

      He is due to have the radioactive isotope next week and is torn between
      apprehension and an anxiety to feel better.

      Appreciate any thoughts anyone else has.



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