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      Congratulations, Girl!!!! There is some hope with anti-thyroid meds. I’ve been in remission since December and hoping to stay that way, too.

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        It is hopeful for me. I’ve been off the meds since June and I go in next
        month for levels and hopefully the doc will decide that I’m in remission.
        It’s going to be a new doc tho, mine is definately retired. My dear darling
        saw the new guy this morning and says I should like him. We’ll see, but
        my hubby had real good feelings about this doc. I just hope he knows a bit
        about Graves’, if not, I get to teach him :-)

        Jean C

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          Hi, everyone! Glad the board is up and running again. Thanks, Archie & Annette! ::::::::::applause::::::::::

          Just wanted to give a big YAHOO and hoot as loud as I can that I’ve been in total remission, off anti-thyroid meds and feeling fine for ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I hope that everyone out there that is going the anti-thyroid med route finds this hopeful. :-)


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            Yes, I do find this hopeful. Congratulations! It
            must be a relief. How long were you on anti-thyroid
            meds? How long did you suffer with symptoms before
            being put on meds? I hope that I will be in remission
            someday as well!


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