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      Hi, when i was on beta blockers i was on 50 mg bid
      if you find you are still not happy it could be that
      beta blocker you maybe at week dosage, or this
      may not be the blocker for you,get your gpendo
      to try you on something else,you are your own
      doctor sometimes with this disease only you
      can know how your body feels.In my case i
      had to be on lorazepam as well to make me
      feel better.

      try to be cool !

      Thanks ,steve

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        Ok another questio..I have been taking a beta blocker for one week..i
        take this at four pm…I feel good untilthe following am..10:00am..then
        iam a shaking mess..i feel alert…etc just alot of tremors and alot
        of nerousness….???is this just because i haven’t started thryoid meds
        yet??? such fun this…i am also a potter and i notice i can not throw as long

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          Mary Ann and I both used a beta blocker (Atenolol) and an anti-anxiety
          drug (Xanax) while in the hyper stage. Her first doc was reluctant to
          prescribe Xanax for fear of addiction. She went a year without it. I
          can assure you life got a lot better when she started taking
          More enlightened doctors say there is no problem with addiction if it is
          taken properly to aleviate the symptoms of anxiety. I was started out
          on it immediately after diagnosis with GD, and took it for 2 years.
          I can’t imagine going without it through some of those times.
          Neither of us had any problem tapering off of
          after RAI.
          Lanny & Mary Ann

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