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      Wouldn’t it be great if Nancy’s unpaid commercial could
      really be televised!


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        One of the reasons that the NGDF was formed was to provide publicity about Graves’ Disease. The Bushs’ have chosen to remain relatively quiet about their personal experiences, and we have to respect that choice, though it certainly makes things more difficult. Parkinson’s Disease has a STRONG, well-funded Foundation. We are still small, underfunded, and under-membered (new word). That’s why we need all of YOU to become members–without members, and financial support, we will remain a struggling group, rather than a recognized entity to be reckoned with, and listened to. If you are not a member of the NGDF, go to the Home Page, click on MEMBERSHIP, print it and fill it out, then click on BULLETINS, print it out and check off the bulletins you want, get out your CHECKBOOK, and at least become an individual member. If you are feeling particularly generous, and are able, we accept checks in any amount :-). Put us on your company’s deduction for United Way, or whatever way you ordinarily donate to non-profit groups. This group is here for YOU, as your advocate, but we cannot function without your direct and measurable input. At this point, this is an all-volunteer movement, and it is ‘way past the point that it can continue that way (seven years!). DO YOUR PART, HAVE A HEART, TELL A FRIEND OR RELATIVE that we exist and need their help, too.

        (I just couldn’t resist that little (un)paid commercial!

        Dr. Nancy Patterson
        Founder and Ex. Director, NGDF

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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