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      Hi everyone,

      Earlier, there were questions on nutrition, weight gain, etc. on the BB. I
      have those same questions… was wondering about diet recommendations.
      Last fall I took a nutrition class here at the U and looked up my instructor’s
      e-mail address today and asked a few of them for us. She has a PhD in
      nutrition and has alot of MD referrals. I’ll let everyone know if she has
      any specific recommendations concerning diet for GDers (other than the
      expected, “choose nutrient dense foods, no simple sugars – foods ending
      in “-ose”, no added stimulants (caffine), olive oil only and sparingly, etc.

      Yeah, right…w ith Xmas 2 weeks away. Anyway, if there is anything we
      don’t already know, I’ll pass it along. A word of caution, if I may. If you
      consult a dietician, make sure she(he) is one and is licensed and/or a member of a professional organization. Anyone can
      call themselves a “nutritionist” and there are alot of quacks out there who
      will happily take your money.

      You know that food pyramid we all see? Did you also know that it is a
      graphic for the Daily Food Guide. Ask your doctor for a copy of the Daily
      Food Guide if you are interested in making some diet changes and want
      something to refer to.

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