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      Greetings Warriors,

      Tonight is CHAT night. Look forward to seeing you there. I may be a bit late since
      I run my local support group at a local hospital tonight. LAst week was a good turn
      out. We had four new folks on chat and a few of the regulars. Drop in
      and check us out. We even figured out how to get our director (Dr. Nancy Patterson)
      on-line and hope she will be on again tonight if her schedule permits.

      If you have never done our chat before it is informative and we try to have some
      fun too. We have the ability to talk privately in case you wish to ask questions
      of one of the facilitators and not address the group in general. We have been
      visited in the past by our Canadian friends (Hi Steve, Shannon, SAS, Lynn and Mark)
      We have been visited by folks from Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. It
      truly is an international forum on Graves Disease.

      Look forward to seeing you.

      On-Line Facilitator
      National Graves Disease Foundation

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        There is a CHAT tonight. Jan or I will probably not be on tonight. I
        upgraded to windows 95 last night and was up until 2:00AM Having problems
        getting into my server and can’t get access. So we cannot get on-line.

        We cannot do e-mail or chat or anything. Hope to have it fixed this afternoon
        but not counting on it. So if you have to e-mail Jan or I please do but
        It may be a few days before we get to you.


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