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      Hi you guys,
      I think I’m cracking up. I am getting very nasty. Was in Walmart tonight and this character in line at the register was mocking my husband for having a price check.

      After listening to his profanity, I just stared at him – saying nothing. He said “Hey, look at you, you are embarrassed for him.”

      Well, I LOST IT. God help me. (I mean him) I wanted to tear him apart. I told him he didn’t know who he was playing with and he’d better stay out of my lane or I’d run him over.

      I got very HOT. Could be my hot flashes burning me, I’m sure my face was read. He then followed me to the customer service seeing the cashier didn’t know anything about the price discrepancy. Mimicking me all the way. I told him in no uncertain terms “I’ll tear you apart.”

      Wow, pretty wild, huh? He left but I had designs on going out to the parking lot to beat him up.




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        Wow! While I’m sure that taught him a satisfying life lesson, I hope you can find a way to reign it in – what if he were really crazy, had a gun? Do you feel more affected these days by the thyroid levels or the menopause? And yeah, there have a been a few um, outbursts, on my part since my Graves’ diagnosis. Makes you realize how much just being in the world tests our patience all the time.

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          I was like this when I was taking my ATD’s a few weeks ago.
          Except I was all rage and not caring about anything.

          I could have probably done something similar and meant every word of it.
          I was unbelievably grumpy, and apathetic and then just rage-y / angry about everything.

          When I asked my doctor about it she figured it was a combo of the med-methimazole and my levels dumping down.

          I had to go off it and since then the rage has gone down. But it might come back after I start RAI on monday, but I hope not.

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            good to know I’m not the only one. Never had an anger problem until this diagnosis and yes, I think menopause in the mix has made me a royal b.

            I’m just sick of taking crap from people who should mind their business but then I am Sicilian and come from a pretty tough family, but then I doubt it would take this many years for that hot, Silician temper to develop. LOL!

            The thing is I feel so lousy most of the time and then sometimes when you don’t feel too bad, there is always some moron that upsets the apple cart like this creep at the store.

            I’m laughing about it now.:lol:

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              Hi Karen – Glad that you are laughing about it now that you’ve gained some distance (both time and space) from the rude shopper!

              I actually ran across this article yesterday on the Mayo Clinic Facebook page and bookmarked it for future use! Of course, if thyroid hormone levels are out of balance, the first priority is trying to get that situation stabilized…but perhaps some of these other tips are worth a try!

              (Note on links: if you click directly on the following link, you will need to use your browser’s “back” button to return to the boards after viewing, or you will have to log back in to the forum. As an alternative, you can right-click the link and open it in a new tab or new window).

              Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temper

              Take care!

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                @Kimberly, thanks for the link. I forgot all about it today. He’s not worth it. But good thing I don’t own a gun or I’d bust a cap and then be in jail.

                Just read about a man who had Graves’, commited murder and got away with it. Hmmm…………LOL!

                (sorry, I’m silly today_

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                  My anger management tip – focus on your feet and imagine you are pulling the overwhelming emotion back down, it works for anger and other stuff too.

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                    @Raspberry – Love that idea!

                    @Karen – Wow, interesting! I’d love to see that story if you get a chance to send a link via PM or to

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                      oh yes, vanillasky
                      when i was in my first 6 months after diagnoses – i could lose it at the drop of a hat!
                      it was awful, i would get so angry over stupid things and then in my researching the disease, it talked about irritability and i thought ok, there is a reason, now lets learn how to control it!

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