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      Hi all;
      A couple of weeks ago I posted a question and did not recieve responses.
      I wanted to know if anyone had a source for suggested treatments
      of post RAI. Basically, I need recommendations.

      Ok, maybe there is not clear and concise course of action written down somewhere, so now
      I would like to take personal recommendations. How often do you
      see your endo? How often do you have TSH taken? What other blood
      tests do you have done, like free T4? T3? I do not have any eye
      envolvement, do you think that I really need to see an opthalmologis

      Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I have my own ideas,
      I just need validation. My family is driving me nuts. They think
      that I am a hypochondriac. I just want to let them know that there
      are others out there like me. thanks….

      Carolyn :-)

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        Hi, Carolyn:

        I think the answer to some of your questions (which blood work, specifically, and how frequently) varies from patient to patient. The way my endo explained it to me, too frequent blood work can be misleading because the pituitary has not had time to settle in. So a minimum of six weeks seems to be a rule of thumb. My endo initially told me to come back for new workups in 6 weeks to three months, DEPENDING UPON HOW I FELT. In other words, six weeks was the earliest, three months the latest, if I was feeling all right. The initial blood work done after RAI was simply a TSH. Later, my endo added a fuller screen of thyroid hormone blood levels (but not a free T3 unless things looked rather aberrant). That was because I had a reoccurance of hyper symptoms, and she wanted a more thorough evaluation. Once you are balanced out, I know that they generally space out the blood workups, to longer and longer periods, finally doing it once a year, if everything seems to be going well in between times. The thing is, you know how you feel. I don’t think any doctor would recommend waiting a year, if you started to experience hyper symptoms again, or if you began to suspect that you were hypo. Getting the blood levels checked if you have a question is probably a good idea.

        As to whether or not you need to see the ophthamologist once a year: YES!!! Even non-Graves patients should see their ophtho relatively regularly. Graves patients need to make it a priority.


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