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      Is your concern with your doctor or with a lawyer? An attorney cannot
      certify you for disability benefits. Can you give more details about all this?
      I’m confused about what it is you’re asking. With clarification, I might
      be able to try and address your concerns. Thanks, Luci in Texas

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        to see about the disability benefits and a past workman’s comp claim. He sid that it is illegal to submit a fraudulent claim. What?
        I suffered because I was injured on the job! How can they do this to me!!! I have to walk like Quasimoto most of the time due to the spasms in the back. I have to take these pills everyday or suffer the consequences. I can’t eat this or that.. the way I used to.

        Then he said, well you mean that you had these symptoms before? No.. my doctors did not diagnose me as having GD until after the accident.
        Then he asked how I knew that the problem will come back. Listening to all of you folks, that may be a possibility, right?

        So, I don’t get this.

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          I’m not sure of what you’re talking about either, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Lawyers or Doctors. See one who specializes in disabilitly or worker’s comp. and follow his advice.

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            Let me clarify this a little bit more. I am trying to retrieve some of my disability benefits. I was injured on the job in 1993. I was diagnosed with Graves disease by my PCP and an Endocrinologist
            a couple of days later. The worker’s compensation insurance company said that “I have no problem and that I was injured in the stomach.. ha ha” And I mean that they literally lauged at me and then said to me that this case was closed, end of discussion.
            I had RAI.. paid for it myself. I had to go to the County medical facility because I could no longer pay for my own doctor.. thank goodness he works there…

            When I was injured, I started having symptoms of Graves disease.. hot flashes, rapid pulse, weight gain and loss, fluctuating mens cycles, pains in the arms and legs, eye problems, not being able to concentrate, emothional problems and the list goes on.
            I can accept that I do have a thyroid problem. I am trying to accept the diabetes.

            What I want to do is have a medical evaluation. I know that I have had a tough life, and it looks like to me that I have had a thyroid problem for most of my life.. that’s according to me. I never had a problem with my kidneys, and that was documented by the military,
            I have never been diagnosed as a child for a thyroid problem. Yet I have z “GD”.

            Now, my lawyer is trying to tell me that I am submitting a claim that is fraudulent. I had various symptoms in the past, and something in my mind said I had a problem with my thyroid, but no “adult” at the time believed me, okay?
            He’s saying if I had these problems in the past, then I shouldn’t get disability benefits. Okay, I didn’t have HIGH blood pressure, I never had a heart beat of 145 per minute, etc…
            That’s what makes me MAD. I had to take PTU, which screwed up my teeth, I had to take Beta blockers, Tapazole for a time, and RAI. I cannot walk upright, I cannot sleep well unless I elevate my feet, I am constantly sleepy and cannot think half the time.
            I have massive memory blocks, which makes me feel dumb. I am currently going to a University. So, what do you think?

            And he’s griping because he thinks that this case is “a long shot” and he can’t do anything for me, really.
            Do you know how much the disability benefits to me were? $13.00. And the company that I worked for didn’t pay for the doctor’s visit, either.
            I had to go to work with a pulse of over 140 in temperature that was over 102*.. and they said I was “walking too slow” and got reprimanded for it.

            Now, what do you think?

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              O.K., I stand by my earlier statement of taking your case to a lawyer who specializes in worker.comp and disabilitly claims. He should know if your claim is valid or “fraudulent”. The lack of help from state and company doctors comes as no surprise. Laws vary from state to state, in Ohio I believe we’re required to see the company docs just once and then we can chose our own. I may be wrong about that, the governor and legislators are constantly “improving” the laws.
              Perhaps you should post a question about GD and state and federal assistance to see if anyone has ever had medical costs covered by them. S.S.or S.S.I. , maybe medicaid.

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                But I DID go to a lawyer who specializes in worker’s comp and state disability!!! I can try and get some help from medicaid. Or at least I’m trying to because this situation is totally rediculous!

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