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      Hi, Folks

      I know you did not miss me but I am back. I have a new carrier and my new
      e-mail is I connected to my new server tonight. I
      am still working on my old provider to provide support to the BB and I will
      use this for my home account. Some of you may received very very old messages
      from me today. Turns out I was not a computer literate as I thought. Truns
      out every thing I sent from work was put in a delayed mail hopper until I
      sent it. Sent they little buggers todya and some of them were from Sept.

      SOOOOO if you got an old message from me today chalk it up to GD.


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        Well, at least now I know I’m not having memory problems again!!! I couldn’t
        figure out what your e-mail was replying to and I thought…wow, I must be
        groggier than I thought or sleep computing or something. :-) As it is, my computer
        suddenly goes on-line, starts the modem dialing…. maybe it’s making posts, too….

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          Hi everyone thank you for your prayers and all. I am back. In severe pain and very drugged up. A few things arose at the hospital that was very traumatic and to make a long story short the srugery is done and it i am sure went well. The doc told me that an infected thyroid is the size of a plum he said that my thyroid was the size of a fist, and they had a heck of a time getting it out. I am cut like a cup all the way around my neck {_______} the bottom part being just above the clavical. the sides going up my shoulder and over. He said it was a hard srugery and i spent two days in intensive care, seems my heart could not take it and bottom’d out so he says. I am not totally sure what bottom out is and i do not think i want to know. It was a long haul, and others do not be scared, i had as he said a rare rare thyroid. I was on morphine the whole time and now am on pills with plenty of codiene so i need to lie down. I left the hospital after being put in a room with an alderly dear 92 year old woman. She was a sweet heart. Told me her name and all about herself, despite being in pain and all i listened and smiled. That night i am hurting huge and i open my eyes to find this woman has lost her mind and is screaming for a drink and is pulling me by the tubes connected insdie my throat to drain. I was so sore. Then iwas moved to another room and this nurse went to take my blood and i watched her as she turned her head, just on time to knock the needle in my arm, let’s just say it is an amazing aray of black and the neatest purple i have ever seen. I have home care coming here twice a day, a friend here cooking and cleaning and my parents doing the medications and shopping. I am home to get well. The doc said it will be ok this way.
          Anyways thanks all for your support and one day i may laugh at this. Let’s hope that it is a downhill battle from here. Love ya all xoxoxox’s

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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