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      Hi everybody, great to see this up again.

      I had RAI back on August 21st. Posted a help me but the
      BB went down before I got any response :-( so I’ll try
      again. When I had my uptake/scan I had 91% uptake in only
      6 hours! AND they found a cold nodule which my Dr. refuses
      to biopsy until I am either hypo or euthyroid. Any body
      have a cold nodule that was cancerous with active Graves?

      Terrified of going hypo and gaining more weight. I am
      tired of being depressed and emotional! Any support
      is appreciated.

        Post count: 93172


        I think I went back for a follow up blood test so many weeks after the
        RAI. Then I was hypo and got the thyroid replacement medicine. So if you
        had the RAI on August 21st I would think they would have you come back
        in for a follow up test by now. You might want to check to see if they
        have you scheduled to go back in.

        Good Luck,
        Michele B.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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