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      I am not familiar with American Disability Act, but I think you should contact the ADA office in your state (or Washington, DC)itself to find out more about your rights. They should know more than that lawyer does. If to no avail, maybe try the Department of Labour or Human Rights to sort things out. Would it help if you take work home to do ‘extra time’ and count it as ’30 minutes’ which is seen as standard by your supervisor. I am just thinking of possible ways to resolve it for you.

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        Hang, on Paula! Things will surely get better. You must convince yourself that your Graves’ is a temporary aberration that can and will improve, and then possibly you can fix your sights on the future and get by day-by-day. Lots of us have been there and send good vibes to you. Don’t give up hope! Things really will get better for you if you are getting good medical advice. If not, keep looking! Being proactive will help you stay positive. My best wishes to you–

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          Well, I will probably now be called the CHRONIC COMPLAINER of the board but………… HERE GOES
          I had an awfull day today.
          Came to work and had deadlines up the WASOOO.
          All must be done by end of day including 12 pages of translation from French to English (I speak both fluently) but these documents are EXTREMELY technical with bunches of eletrical wiring diagrams and words that I have NEVER seen.
          The boss called in and gave me 3 price quotations to send out to customers. (these take about 30 min a peice, at least)
          each page of translation takes about 1- 1 1/2 hour. I got SCOLDED because he says these things shouldn’t take me as long and he told me that if I would quit sitting around doin nothin I could meet these deadlines…….
          Well I just sat at my desk and CRIED MY EYES OUT for an hour !!!

          I feel that I cannot cope anymore, no more vacation time left, have used up all my sick days……….
          My boss is so verbally abusive and I have been told by a lawyer that all the ADA laws only apply to larger offices that mimne…….

          MY HEART IS SICK, I cannot help thinking that I would be better off DEAD…….

          I used to be such a happy person, always with words of encouragement for others, always with a smile,,,,,,,

          This GRAVES is killing me…….

          Just thought I would “dump” this on you all……
          SORRY to be such a BOOHOOER,
          It seem though that yalll are the only ones who understand me!!!


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