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      LOLOLOL Jan!!@!!!!!
      We arrived in Windsor at 5:30 and My sister-in-law had dinner ready so this is the first time i had to post………..had a good trip so far, just finished a roast beef dinner (home cooked) and home grown sweet corn,,,,,,,, it was great.
      I will post more when we arrive home.
      Everyone should really save up for a Conference…….IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!
      Will write more about it when we get home on our own computer.
      Luv and Huggers to all
      Lynnthe PB and PB’s Hubby

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        Well Lynn and Mark,
        Looks like we beat ya to thye BB!!!! LOL!! HA HA HA!!!! You made me cry, you lil bugger!!! I finally read your letter after I got home!
        What a great time we all had! Whoever missed this conference missed the best one ever!! I got my bat tody, Lynn. Flight home was bumpy and we arrived in Orlando to a wet mess(rained hard most of the way home.) We must do Mark’s BBQ again next year! Jake and I both agree it was the best(but then again, so was our company!). Praying you arrive home safe and to the other warriors we spent our weekend with, We pray you had as much fun as Jake and I did.
        The mystery guest was supposed to have been Kelly Ripkin, but we were unable to work those lil glitches out. Hopefully next year.
        We will post later on, after we recover from our sore stomachs(so much laughing!!!!). BTW, I hope you all managed a horse and carriage ride!
        And thanks, Jen, for noticing Lynn and my exceptional dance style!!!!!
        Sounds like you all learned something at this conference and the rest of you need to save for the next one!!

        Much Love to you all,
        JAN & Jake

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