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      Since June 21, 1996 at 6:47 pm, through December 31, 1996 at 11:36 pm, there were two thousand seven hundred and sixty post to the National Graves’ Disease Bulletin Board! GREAT WORK, TEAM! GO WARRIORS! GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE! {We deserve it}

      LOVE ALL OF YOU! We are such a great, loving, sharing, dyanmic group of people! We HAVE made a difference, and we will continue to make a difference for as long as our keyboards hold out.


      Nancy Patterson

      P.S. If anyone wants to put something in the NGDF Newsletter, just e-mail it to me. We are getting ready to get the next issue out, and there are several posts I want to use. We will contact you for permission. We can always use “ATTA’boy” letters for use when we are trying to justify the importance of the work we do, so send those, too.

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